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Let’s get down to the 2 events that Red Jhelli Shop will be attending!

Photo Liking Contest Winners

The contest was open to all bona fide clients of Red Jhelli Shop who submitted their photos together with their Red Loyalty Cards and liked our facebook page. Contest was open from November 28 to December 30, 2011

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February Feature: Princess Mimi Almond Brown

They are great if you want natural bigger looking eyes without looking like a china doll like other black dolly lenses which can make you end up looking a little ‘lifeless’ sometimes.

Review: Mary Kay Botanical Effects

No amount of expensive beauty products can make your skin look good if you don’t take care of it. Moreover, make-up cannot hide horrible skin.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Jhelli Shop and Dollface Cosmetics Consignment

Red Jhelli Shop and Dollface Cosmetics Inc. signed a contract of consignment made and effective last February 1, 2012. This marked another milestone for Red Jhelli Shop in its quest to make the best of 2012.

We would like to thank Pearl Sarcauga, sole proprietor of Dollface Cosmetics, for giving us this huge opportunity.

Finally, we can now have our products displayed at the Dolled Up Studio located at Unit 103 Eden’s Place Corner C. Rosal, Acacia Street Lahug, Cebu City.

copy of the Studio's map
Testers, graded lenses, brochures, promos and our latest stocks are available at the Dolled Up Studio.MJ, Pearl’s assistant is also adeptly equipped regarding our products. She will happily entertain all your questions upon purchasing.

The Studio is open from 10:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening from Mondays to Saturdays. 

I am encouraging everybody who wishes to try out the lenses first before purchasing to visit the Studio and for those who I can no longer set a meet up date because of my busy schedule.

This consignment not only benefits Red Jhelli Shop but also the very clients we are serving. You can now go to the Studio without the fear of being late for the meet up or having no time during the week to purchase the lenses you want. Furthermore, right after purchasing, you no longer need to find a place to put on your lenses since the Studio boasts mirrors huge enough to accommodate all your angles.

MJ and Mama :)

Red Jhelli Shop shall continue to improve our services and availability for the benefit of our customers. As we always say,  “OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR TREASURES”.

I hope everybody visits the Studio and check out our lenses when you have the time! :)

A Challenge to the Women of Today

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Women were an oppressed class. They were the silent sufferers of history, claimed as property, relegated to home, restricted to have jobs and made into a “breeding dog”, an elaborate system of oppression in the past needs yet to be recognized as such. For this oppression was total and has been affecting every facet of women’s lives.

Men have controlled all political, economic and cultural institutions, using their power to keep women in an inferior position whose only purpose is to enhance men’s lives. Indeed, all power throughout history has been male-oriented and male dominated especially in the family.

The power of fathers within families existed before the formation of Western civilization and was built into mental constructs, primarily through the influence of the church. Biblical interpretations based on theological arguments from a male superior group used core texts of the Bible; namely Genesis, the Fall and St. Paul; to define the “proper” roles of women. Similarly, according to traditional Hindu custom, a virtuous woman is considered to be one who worships her husband and derives great power from her virtue to protect her husband and herself.

For two thousand years, these teachings which dominated church doctrines, dictated women’s submissiveness and public silence, and were used to justify subordination. By the Middle Ages, two main assumptions were regarded as basic truths: women were created inferior and for a lesser purpose and by their nature and weaknesses, had greater propensity towards sin and sexual temptations. These dominated all forms of ideas and controlled sexual, social and economic relationships, constantly reinforcing gender stereotypes. This is seen by many as the beginning of gender divisions of labor and occupational segregation, with women positioned in the society as the producers of children and the roles of housewife.

Not only that, even in sports women are considered as inferior to men, as observed during the past 100 years, little girls from birth are most praised not for their actions but for their appearance. They are made to think that their bodies are solely objects to attract men. The so-called fact of a woman’s physical weakness has simply been accepted as common sense. Other scholars have even dismissed the possibility of women being able to cope up with hard physical labor. Thus it is very unimaginable at those times for a woman running around a stadium aiming to win the 100 meter dash and bag in the gold medal.

Worst of all, though things have changed drastically during the last century, portrayals of women in the media have only achieved what we can perhaps call as modernity of appearance and presentation, and not of thought and content. Editorial content and advertisements in all major newspapers as well as magazines, with exclusive female readers, reflect negative images of women, a being who is submissive, frivolous, manipulative, and as decorative objects. In fact, many so-called women’s magazines promote submissive and docile role models, while discouraging female characters with independent thoughts as disrespectful and ill mannered. Women are more often shown in “home-bound” activities such as cooking, cleaning, knitting and gardening. The way women are presented in the media can easily be codified in categories such as: a woman dependent on man; an over-achieving housewife; a high-living femme fatale; as physically beautiful and sexy.

Such roles persuade women that their role on the society, regardless of education or aspirations, is only that of a housewife and making themselves loom beautiful. Continued harmful images of women are shown to children from the early stages of infancy, they learn to accept stereotypes – women have limited intellect; they are good for only house bound activities; they are non-serious and therefore cannot be trusted with independent decision making as the norm. Indeed, the images of women have not changed much during the past five decades. The media continues to be male dominated, manipulated by commercial interests and does much damage through its portrayal of women as sex objects and as a group that plays secondary roles to men.

But as they say, no one is oppressed until one lets herself to be. Therefore, women should not live up to the image of being weak for by doing this, they are making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. All moral actions that women do, involve an element of courage, yet when women are viewed as weak by themselves and others, they expect less of themselves and less is expected of them. Their actions reflect this, as with their accomplishments. To gain some freedom, women must overcome their fear of men and the sense of their own powerlessness. 

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Thus, I’m ending this article with these final words to the women of today:

  1. Gender inequality only exists when you let it. I have long ago accepted that as a person, regardless of me being a woman has her own limitations but never let other people dictate what your limitations are.  
  2. Remember, a woman who measures herself against the achievements of a man lacks ambition. 
  3. Embrace your sexuality. Never be ashamed of it.
“There is only one basic human right, the right as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.”  - - - O'Rourke
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball

Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball
When: May 19, 2012

Where: Golden Peak Hotel

It was a night of firsts! 

It was the first ever Grand Cosplay Ball in Cebu and it was also Red Jhelli Shop’s first ever sponsored event.

Finally, we are on par with Placenta, North Atrium, Body and Sole and the other generous sponsors of the event. I was feeling giddy prior to the appointed date and of course proud to have come this far.

I certainly dressed up for it!

Thank you Ate Jessa for my hair and make-up. I loved it to bits!

I was supposed to come as Tinkerbell but a few people commented I looked like Princess Jasmine? Maybe because of the swavorski cystal on my forehead but I certainly don’t look like her and I am not even dressed like her!

Gary looking wonderful in his suit and Windee looking stressed

There were a lot of cosplayers who dressed to the nines and being a fan myself, decided to take a lot of pictures. Hehehe.

Krislee as Princess Peach (a client and friend, miss you Krislee!)

I’m a huge fan of Anjo Go! (dressed as Harry Potter)

stolen shot of Rayland (dressed as Sebastian) holding his award

liked how they cosplayed villains together <3

and I was privileged to have my own booth set-up during the event

these lovely people dropped by our booth

the food was so-so, I wanted to eat as much as I can but the servers will only allow one round :(

but the awarding and the dancing that concluded the Ball was amazing! 

I hope to attend the next one!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Princess and the Frog

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I grew up reading fairytales and watching Disney movies. But I never once dreamed of being a Princess and of finding a Prince to save me with a kiss and marry me in the end.

I just liked the stories about everlasting love and happily ever after and all that singing and dancing one expects from Disney.

I was expecting the same old formula of a princess in a dire situation waiting for a prince to come, but Princess and the Frog proved to be otherwise. Indeed, it was a pleasant surprise when finally, Disney made a very different take of the original’s Princess and the Frog storyline and mind you, I was happy Tiana was not a princess.

I am never to promote women looking doe-eyed and being a damsel in distress. Instead, I’m all out for women empowerment! 

Cleopatra was actually some of the women I look up too and finally I can add Tiana to the list, though she certainly is fictional but the strength of her character and the self-determination to realize her dreams and not relying on wishing stars makes her more of a real woman than most other women.

Aside from the story emphasizing about a woman’s dream and her strong relationship with her father, the story reflected a very modern view of today’s world. That being poor is not a hindrance to having dreams and that men and women can both having very high positions.

It was a funny fact too that Prince Naveen, being a Prince had no money and had to marry a rich heiress to continue his “princely lifestyle” aside from his lack of responsibility which is common among the pampered youth of this generation.

Overall, Princess and the Frog is not your typical Disney film though the dialogue is quite boring but the characters are well developed and the moral lesson it promotes makes up for the lousy story sequence and pace.

So I’m ending this review to what Tiana’s father said to her in the start of the movie - follow your dreams but never lose sight of what’s important.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Something Wonderful (by Judith McNaught)

It would be pretty weird to start a book review with the story’s ending but what gripped me most about Judith McNaught’s “Something Wonderful” was the parting dialogue between Alexandra and Jordan. 

Indeed, it was “Something Wonderful”.

I haven’t read a book from Judith McNaught that I did not like and trust me when I say she belongs to the few numbered authors in my list whose works I will not second guess in buying.

I’m a romantic at heart and Judith McNaught is a great romance story teller. You would expect that writing Romance Novels is an easy task. You just need two people to fall in love set within a ridiculous situation.

But I tell you, after reading my way through all those romance novels be it in English or Tagalong since age 10, romance novels can get pretty boring fast.

It seems all authors have the same plot with boring dialogues, horrible characters and unbelievable situations, so reading “Something Wonderful” was a breath of fresh air.
I spent the whole night reading it and mind you, I read it from start to finish, without skipping a page! I cried at the end.

Full marks would have been given but the story has the same element as the rest of her books, you’d expect the same thing. But what makes Judith McNaught’s works different is how good she writes every single story.

I am an emotional reader if there is such a thing, I do not visualize the sentences - I try to feel them.

Judith McNaught writes as if she believes her own story. I can feel the passion; I can feel her very emotion. This made “Something Wonderful” so alive and believable.

In the story, Alexandra developed from an innocent child to a woman of the world, who believed in love and happy endings only to realize that true love is far more complex.

Jordan was a cynical man, a man of the world were love can be easily bought, who realized after a near brush with death that love takes a lot of trust.

I would not write an insincere review if I had no strong feelings for the book. It taught me a lot of things about love, especially how you view it when you are seventeen and how it can quickly change when you get your heart broken.

If you are interested to cry, feel free to do so. Read the book.

Find out if it really is - “Something Wonderful”.

It's More Fun Back in School!

Photographer: Jay Chiongbian Young
MUA: Scott Navaja
Location: Sunday 2pm Cafe

Red Jhelli Shop had its first ever photos shoot last May 25, 2012, and boy preparing for the event was exhausting! 

It was almost cancelled much to my consternation!

I was about to panic when the photographer I booked decided to cancel a week before the appointed date, not only that, I was waiting for the confirmation of USC Main to allow us to do the shoot there.

Good thing, I have friends – great friends to be exact! Shout out to Daniel Egos for finding Jay and of course Hans Garmino for introducing me to Mr. Sean, owner of Sunday 2pm Café.

Mr. Sean your kindness was heartwarming! >_<

I booked the shoot on 8:00 am and was traveling all the way from my hometown to the Café. I was not able to sleep the night before and had to wake up really early to cook for everybody’s breakfast and lunch - and no I’m not complaining.

I arrived on time together with Edrielle and the rest as they say is history.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun during the shoot. It was such a pleasure working with Jay aside from the fact that the models for the shoot were my former clients. They were really just enjoying themselves and the pictures can attest to that.

We could have hired professional models but we wanted to stay true to what we stand for. We wanted to be represented by the people who knew us well – our clients.

Edrielle happened to be the winner of our photo liking contest and Hans became a good friend after a couple of meet-ups and the Cosmeet 2012 she invited me over. Jeca, my sister is a staunch supporter! Need I say more? :)

Edrielle Samson wearing GEO Café Mimi Macchiato (WMM-504 / diameter: 15mm)

Hannah Garmino wearing GEO Puffy Black (WT-B20 / diameter: 15mm)


Jeca Enad wearing GEO Sakura Brown (WI-A27 / diameter: 15mm)
Indeed, going back to school is fun when you look good but it is much better when you are with your friends. Those invaluable times you spent making assignments together, talking together and simply having fun makes school life a lot easier!

Do look good this coming school year by starting with your eyes! 

Find the most appropriate lenses by visiting our back to school album and don’t forget, “Education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” - Peter Brougham