Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball

Cebu's First Grand Cosplay Ball
When: May 19, 2012

Where: Golden Peak Hotel

It was a night of firsts! 

It was the first ever Grand Cosplay Ball in Cebu and it was also Red Jhelli Shop’s first ever sponsored event.

Finally, we are on par with Placenta, North Atrium, Body and Sole and the other generous sponsors of the event. I was feeling giddy prior to the appointed date and of course proud to have come this far.

I certainly dressed up for it!

Thank you Ate Jessa for my hair and make-up. I loved it to bits!

I was supposed to come as Tinkerbell but a few people commented I looked like Princess Jasmine? Maybe because of the swavorski cystal on my forehead but I certainly don’t look like her and I am not even dressed like her!

Gary looking wonderful in his suit and Windee looking stressed

There were a lot of cosplayers who dressed to the nines and being a fan myself, decided to take a lot of pictures. Hehehe.

Krislee as Princess Peach (a client and friend, miss you Krislee!)

I’m a huge fan of Anjo Go! (dressed as Harry Potter)

stolen shot of Rayland (dressed as Sebastian) holding his award

liked how they cosplayed villains together <3

and I was privileged to have my own booth set-up during the event

these lovely people dropped by our booth

the food was so-so, I wanted to eat as much as I can but the servers will only allow one round :(

but the awarding and the dancing that concluded the Ball was amazing! 

I hope to attend the next one!


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