Monday, March 05, 2012

Review: Mary Kay Botanical Effects

Before I start this article, I would just like to make it clear that yes, I am Senior Beauty Consultant in Mary Kay. (I know I have a lot of ‘slashies’ accompanied to my name and trust me my sidelines are not down to four! You can just imagine whenever all my commitments decide to hold meetings on the same day, on the same time and on different locations!) But I am in no way advertising Mary Kay or is forcing anybody to buy. My opinion is in no way the opinion of the company.

In fact, I have decided to make reviews regarding the products I personally use or I have best information of. I think it is not a crime to share information right?

Besides I will be sharing a lot about the things I learned on how to take care of the skin but I’m in no way claiming to be an expert. If you have further information / suggestion / question, feel free to comment below!

I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday during our unit meeting when Ate Marg informed us that the Botanical Effects had an upgrade! Instead of a 5 step skin care routine it was down to 3! Boy was I happy to hear this! Trust me, I’m too lazy to perform that 5 step skin routine: cleanse, freshen, exfoliate, moisturize and mask.

I am not as meticulous as my sister when it comes to everything! But I swear it pays off on her side of the planet! She doesn’t patronize soft drinks, doesn’t sleep late, does the cleanse - moisturize routine before sleeping every single day! I feel like an old hag standing next to her! Her skin is fabulous! And her hands! so soft…huhuhu (it’s partly because she hardly does any work<insert evil laugh> and because she carries a hand lotion with her all the time..^_^)

So yes, if I had to take that Smiley Skin Index I’d probably score the 0 to 4 (Your skin is feeling OK). You can take the test to and check out if your skin is smiling.


I feel ashamed knowing how awful my skin must feel. Being busy sure is not an excuse to have horrible skin and look like a hag. You can’t have great skin if you don’t work hard for it! I certainly don’t believe that Korean women have great skin with just the use of their beauty products. They must have a rigid beauty regimen, diet, and manage a stress free life!

No amount of expensive beauty products can make your skin look good if you don’t take care of it. Moreover, make-up cannot hide horrible skin. It shows. Trust me guys, it shows! Tried hiding my ‘sleep-less’ look with make-up and it only resulted to me looking like I was about to crack!


Ate Marg also explained to us all about the product’s ingredients and how it is important for people to understand that even though we use the word BOTANICAL in our new line of product, it does not mean that synthetic ingredients are not added because if you purely use botanical ingredients then the product could not last for a month.

Maybe it’s just a misconception or some products capitalizing on how their products ONLY USE botanical for ingredients because of the fact that people want to go ‘natural’. So don’t believe everything you hear without doing research first.


Ate Marg reminded us to only use the term ‘botanical-based’ so as not to give false information on people.  Indeed, products with botanical-based ingredients are better options than one which is made up synthetically all the way.

So we tried the product after the discussion and here is my blow by blow account of the PROS and CONS.
- no fragrance
- granules / exfoliator do not irritate your skin or leave that prickly feeling unlike other facial scrubs
- cleanser is 3 in 1! You don’t have to buy a toner, a facial scrub and a cleanser
- products can last you for 8-12 months! (I still have my Timewise Miracle Set and I started using it last July 2011!)
-cheaper (you do not need to keep on buying cleansers that only last for a month, calculate for yourself to realize my point)
- packaging is environment friendly ( I love this the most!)

-if you are using harsh products or those containing anti-inflammatory agents this will cause your pimples to appear because the product will detoxify your skin from those anti-inflammatory agents
-you need to look for a beauty consultant to be able to purchase the product
-the effect is not seen in a month in all honesty. You have to continuously use the product to see its results and you-will-definitely get results (no promise of 7 day fabulous skin here).

That ends my review guys! Will be doing more soon!


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