Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Something Wonderful (by Judith McNaught)

It would be pretty weird to start a book review with the story’s ending but what gripped me most about Judith McNaught’s “Something Wonderful” was the parting dialogue between Alexandra and Jordan. 

Indeed, it was “Something Wonderful”.

I haven’t read a book from Judith McNaught that I did not like and trust me when I say she belongs to the few numbered authors in my list whose works I will not second guess in buying.

I’m a romantic at heart and Judith McNaught is a great romance story teller. You would expect that writing Romance Novels is an easy task. You just need two people to fall in love set within a ridiculous situation.

But I tell you, after reading my way through all those romance novels be it in English or Tagalong since age 10, romance novels can get pretty boring fast.

It seems all authors have the same plot with boring dialogues, horrible characters and unbelievable situations, so reading “Something Wonderful” was a breath of fresh air.
I spent the whole night reading it and mind you, I read it from start to finish, without skipping a page! I cried at the end.

Full marks would have been given but the story has the same element as the rest of her books, you’d expect the same thing. But what makes Judith McNaught’s works different is how good she writes every single story.

I am an emotional reader if there is such a thing, I do not visualize the sentences - I try to feel them.

Judith McNaught writes as if she believes her own story. I can feel the passion; I can feel her very emotion. This made “Something Wonderful” so alive and believable.

In the story, Alexandra developed from an innocent child to a woman of the world, who believed in love and happy endings only to realize that true love is far more complex.

Jordan was a cynical man, a man of the world were love can be easily bought, who realized after a near brush with death that love takes a lot of trust.

I would not write an insincere review if I had no strong feelings for the book. It taught me a lot of things about love, especially how you view it when you are seventeen and how it can quickly change when you get your heart broken.

If you are interested to cry, feel free to do so. Read the book.

Find out if it really is - “Something Wonderful”.


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