Cosmeet Kick Off 2012 and Otakufest V

Let’s get down to the 2 events that Red Jhelli Shop will be attending!

Photo Liking Contest Winners

The contest was open to all bona fide clients of Red Jhelli Shop who submitted their photos together with their Red Loyalty Cards and liked our facebook page. Contest was open from November 28 to December 30, 2011

Official Affiliated Bloggers of Red Jhelli Shop

Learn more about fashion, make-up and of course about Red Jhelli Shop through them. Check out their blogs and prove to yourselves that indeed, we picked the right people to be our representative.

February Feature: Princess Mimi Almond Brown

They are great if you want natural bigger looking eyes without looking like a china doll like other black dolly lenses which can make you end up looking a little ‘lifeless’ sometimes.

Review: Mary Kay Botanical Effects

No amount of expensive beauty products can make your skin look good if you don’t take care of it. Moreover, make-up cannot hide horrible skin.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nursing: Our Code, Our Profession

"Health is a fundamental right of every individual. Therefore, the nurses’ primary responsibility is to preserve health at all cost. This responsibility encompasses promotion of health, prevention of illness, alleviation of suffering and restoration of health."

Basic to nursing is knowledge and understanding of man.  For effective health, knowledge of man’s cultural, social, pathophysiological, psychological, and ecological aspects of illness and the therapeutic process are essential. Differences in ethnicity, political and social status are not barriers to effective nursing care.

Standards of practice vary in different settings. Society is ever-changing and nurses respond to change. Respect for the rights and dignity of individuals is basic to the practice of the profession.

These words are as quoted from the amended Code of Ethics for Nurses, it defines and specifies what nurses ought to do and what not to do. This foreword is the very core of Nursing professionalism and ethical conduct.

But what does it really mean? Over the years, this phrase has lost its meaning, together with the aging of time. Like an old song playing in the radio, good to remember but not enough to be thought of.

Have we paused and assessed ourselves what has become the professional nurse within us? Have we forgotten that before we start our shift we would ask God to bless our days work? That may He help us overcome our temporal weakness so that the sick placed in our care would not be lost?

If so, then why have we turned like this? Maybe Bro went deaf or maybe we never really prayed. Because if we did, we would have never shouted at the poor mother who is about to give birth for her lack of common sense, never mind that she is in the throes of labor. We would have not broken the rules of sterility by letting our nieces and nephews inside the delivery room wearing their muddy slippers, afterall our patients are indigents they are resistant to infection. Lastly, we would have not brought our camera phones to take pictures of what is to be a sacred event of saving lives.

I thought we are professionals that we know our Ethics, but I guess arriving twenty minutes late and under timing is not part of that.

 But then, why am I preaching? The pay is low, the economy is falling. The world is experiencing hard times and patients should do also. Afterall, the world should be fair, now to make it fairer, how do our student nurses fair?

If I remember correctly, the patient’s bill of rights states that the patient has the right to expect that communications and records pertaining to his or her care shall be treated as confidential. So talking about patients who have tuberculosis on carenderias and patients who have AIDS on jeepney rides are not included. Duty time is over and its no longer inside the hospital. It just so happens that we feel so sorry for them we can’t help but talk about their cases. Besides, our Clinical Instructors do that and so does the rest of the staff, what was that saying again? Ang maling ginagawa ng mga matatanda ay tama sa mga mata ng bata, where can one possibly get wrong with that?

Indeed revisions of the Code of Ethics were made and the patient’s bill of rights is now deemed obsolete, unfortunately the rest of us were not informed of these changes.

Hopefully as I look around me, I would see nurses who do their best in providing quality care to patients. That some would never cease to give medications on time or extend their hours just so that proper endorsements to the next shift are made. And best of all, I would love to hear patients thanking nurses for the services they have rendered to them.

Indeed, these negative issues surrounding the nursing profession, hopefully does not stand for the rest of us. Yes, some would have already given up this thankless job, but as what Meredith Gray once said “I have a million reasons to give up this job but I have only one reason to stay.”

In a stress related job, what is actually good and what is bad, when both lines become blurred? In the end, we would come to realize that people make mistakes and such is the reason why the Code of Ethics was made. To constantly remind us of the things we are starting to forget.

Let us all remember that nursing is not merely a profession but a vocation that needs a lot of love. As stated earlier, health is a fundamental right of every individual and we as nurses should always hold these thoughts above everything else.

Let our code, our profession be the source of our pride.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Official Affiliated Bloggers of Red Jhelli Shop

"I dread success.  To have succeeded is to have finished one's business on earth, like the male spider, who is killed by the female the moment he has succeeded in courtship.  I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind."  ~George Bernard Shaw

The word success does not appear in my dictionary and yes, I share the same views as George Bernard Shaw.

I only believe in the words innovation and of improving, to be the best than my last best. Indeed, I see no better rival than myself. =)

So rest assured, Red Jhelli Shop will go places and will always improve on ways to provide the best products and the best customer service. We shall not rest on our ‘success’ but rather to make it as our driving force for continued pursuit of excellence.

For such reasons, Red Jhelli Shop has decided to affiliate ourselves with Filipino Bloggers from all around the Philippines to help us evaluate our products and way of service.

You might wonder why we did not choose established bloggers who have more experience and more followers. It is because of a simple reason that we want to be represented by people who are themselves, trying to make a mark and improving their craft.

We did not choose them because of their beauty or how well they create sentences but we personally hand-picked them basing on their abilities in delivering honest and thorough reviews.

Without further ado, here are the following Official Affiliated Bloggers of Red Jhelli Shop:

Yesha Hideaki of All Dolled Up

Mechalie Patalinghug of Get Gorgeous 14 – The Diary

Janna Joshelle Parel of Jannieology

Eloisa Co of Kikaysimaria

Patricia Tan of Lalalapatricia

Linrose Etiong of Makeuppinay

Learn more about fashion, make-up and of course about Red Jhelli Shop through them. Check out their blogs and prove to yourselves that indeed, we picked the right people to be our representative.

Have fun reading their blog guys! And remember, make-up is a tool to change not your appearance, but your heart. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

February Feature: Princess Mimi Almond Brown

It is the time of year again when people give flowers and chocolates without raising suspicion. Yes! I am talking about the Love Month – February!

According to the Georgian calendar, February is the second month of the year, and also the shortest month. In the northern half of the world, February is a very cold month while in the Southern hemisphere, especially in the Philippines, we enjoy the midsummer weather a perfect weather for all those lovebirds going out for a date.  

For such, we strongly believe that the appropriate Lens for the Month should suit the warm glow of a lover’s gaze. What better lens to give off that effect?

None other than the Princess Mimi Almond Brown (XMM – 204), the latest of GEO’s Premium Design!

The Princess Mimi Almond Brown / Princess Bambi Almond Brown (only available in Japan) was one of the lenses designed by the famous Gyaru Model Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Tsubasa Masuwaka wearing Princess Mimi Almond Brown

They are not yellow-ish brown like most other brown lenses on the market but it's not too dark either. They are a perfect deep brown which is the secret to how natural they look. The almond color of these lenses will make your eyes look a little lighter and accentuate your eye color.

The black ring around the outside also perfectly defines the iris; it blends well with your eyes and makes your eyes stand out more. Its magnifying effect is of the natural side, not too exaggerating but just nice. Perfect size, not too alien like!

They are great if you want natural bigger looking eyes without looking like a china doll like other black dolly lenses which can make you end up looking a little ‘lifeless’ sometimes. 
Winner of Red Jhelli Shop's Photo Liking Contest wearing Princess Mimi Almond Brown

It’s really natural and it gives a dolly feel to your eyes.

Indeed, a great accessory to your eyes when you are going on a date with your important person!

So what are you waiting for? Grab these lenses now and be well equipped on your very important date! Show love through your eyes and bring out that lover’s gaze. :D

May your important person experience the love rush once again as they look into your eyes! 

A Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cosmeet Kick Off 2012 and Otakufest V: Old School

Ever watched Hunter x Hunter and got scared by Hisoka’s murderous aura? Or dreamt of Kazuki (Get Backers) trying to steal a kiss? Or worse, recorded the opening song of Knight Hunters (a.k.a Weiss Kreuz)? Well, these are just few of my sordid actions in relation to my obsession with anything anime.

Thus, it was such a great pleasure when a cosplayer client and later friend (Hans Garmino) ~.^ told me that I can have a booth set up for the Okakufest V cosplay event. I was already screaming my heads off even if there was no confirmation yet from the organizer.

So I was really happy when I get to have my own booth to not 1 but 2 cosplay events in Cebu! Finally, I can have the excuse of attending the event as a seller and not a failing cosplayer. :D
Trust me, if I only have the guts to cosplay Enma Ai, I would!

But enough of the chit-chat, let’s get down to the 2 events that Red Jhelli Shop will be attending.

1st Event: Cosmeet Kick Off 2012 (Cebu Cosplayers Club)
(click link for further info: Cebu Cosplayers Club Facebook Page )

Who: ALL cosplayers, anime enthusiasts, photographers, and fellow hobbyist!

When: January 22, 2012 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Where: The Outpost, Lahug Cebu City.

There will be a pre-registration fee amounting to Php. 75.00. It is inclusive of a free meal and a Php. 20.00 discount on the souvenir pin for the event.

Sad to say, I am not sure what activities are to take place since I the organizer has been very busy lately and was not able to post updates regarding the event. Well, let’s just hope for the best!

2nd Event: Otakufest V : Old School
(click link for further info: Otakufest Facebook Page)

Who: ALL cosplayers, anime enthusiasts, photographers, and fellow hobbyist!

When: February 4, 2012 (Saturday) at 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Where: UP Cebu College

Advance tickets are available for Php. 50.00, and Php. 60.00 on the day itself.

Now this Cosplay Event has a lot to offer! With the theme “Old School” they have organized contests such as the Quiz Battle Royale, Group Cosplay Competition and Solo Cosplay Competition all in favor of any published works (i.e. books, movies, tv shows, anime, toys, games, etc.) released on or before the year 2000 (2000, 90s, 80s, 70s, and so on).

And I hear there are a lot of bands coming over to play! Definitely excited!

And of course, please, please, please come and visit our booth! We have especially prepared a one-time ‘Barkada Promo’ for those cosplay enthusiast who wish to purchase circle lenses on the day of the mentioned events!

Pricelist: (all lenses including animation and crazy lenses)

1 pair           –    650 pesos including loyalty card
2 – 3 pairs   -     600 pesos including loyalty card
3 and up      -     580 pesos including loyalty card

Here is a copy of our official banner for the 2 events.

I am soo looking forward to attending both as an anime enthusiast and of course as I seller. Hope the weather cooperates and of course for sales to pour in! Hihihihi.

To all Cosplay Enthusiast / Otaku see you all guys there!!

Have you attended a cosplay event before? Please do share your experiences. ^_^

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Death Came Knocking

A series of unfortunate events is an apt title to my roller coaster life. Got my right hand burned after putting it inside a boiling rice cooker when I was just a year old. My caretaker placed the thing on the floor without the cover and curious me just couldn’t help but “test the waters”. Curiosity will really get the cat killed.

 (got bullied because of my hand when I was still in Elementary, they called me cyborg but I prefer Sensei Nube from Hell Teacher Nube! because I exorcise DEMONS. nyahahaha)

Luckily, my right hand is the only thing that suffered, no contractures just a few skin grafts. Thank God for saving my face.

And no, I bear no grudge to my caretaker even if I can’t even remember her face. In a way, it was her carelessness that led to the accident. I mean, you are supposed to take care of a child and to be safety conscious; I just hope it became a lesson to her. If by chance she reads this, rest your soul. I have long forgiven you. Some things just happen. :D

But then, that accident should have been a warning sign that it is not all that is left in store for me. I happily chugged on a bottle of muriatic acid when I was a few years old. I can only remember waking up in the Emergency Room with a doctor forcing me to drink “Alpine”. It was later when I came of age that my parents told me what I actually drank and how I was the “accident prone” child.

By accident I meant being run over the bike (no fractured bones, just a few scratches though), almost got run over by a bus, breaking an aquarium at my school’s science laboratory and all those little accidents I had over high school.

I thought it was all over when I entered college. I lasted 3 years without having those accidents but it would just not easily let me off the hook. I just had to fall from the stairs.

2 years after, I just had to fall again.

I ended 2011 with a dislocated hip and a lump in my breast.  What a great way to start 2012!

The dislocated hip, I can manage. The lump, I can’t.

Now let me share to you our rich family history of cancer.

Father’s Side:
father died of colon cancer
brother died of pancreatic cancer

Mother’s Side
her father’s brother #1 died of lung cancer
her father’s brother #2 died of liver cancer
her father’s sister # 3 died of breast cancer
mother died of ovarian cancer

And so, it became a running joke within our family that all of us 3 children have a 150% chance of getting cancer. I mean, just look at it - a long line of cancer genes.

It was for these very reasons that I became a nurse volunteer of the Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center (under R.A.F.I) and primarily because my uncle’s request (the one who died of pancreatic cancer). He said before to never leave the Cancer Center and help as much as you can.

So I was actually being my helpful self  when I was asked to perform Breast Examination to a number of ladies in the Pink Room at iMez, when I decided to try and examine my breasts. Lo and behold, I felt a lump at my right breast.

Ironic is it not? I can only remember the very lines of the ladies who had their breasts examined - to tell them honestly if I felt a lump while keeping a brave face. I actually felt sorry for them, I have seen breast cancer survivors and they really are doing everything they can. The emotional stress and their stories of chemotherapy, it was a 180 degrees turn from their way of life before cancer. 

I was mentally debating whether to tell my mom or just let it pass. Women of my age, rarely get breast cancer. A form of "intellectualization" if you may, I was scared. 

But then, my uncle lost his battle against pancreatic cancer.

I decided to tell my mom, fear comes from the unknown they said. Her eyes went wide when she actually felt the lump. She got around to scolding me about not eating vegetables and not exercising (my mom is a school nurse).  I therefore concluded anger was her best defense mechanism while my dad resorted to joking (his form of coping) that of all the children, I just had to be the casualty.

I wouldn’t have made a fuss if it was just a simple cyst, but it was a solid mass. I had it checked again with my Doctor; she said it was Fibrocystic Adenoma. Being a nurse myself, I knew what that meant.

There are actually two types of fibroadenoma (for those who don’t know): simple and complex.

Lucky me, sonommamogram showed complex fibroadenoma. I was already crying in the middle of the procedure.

My mom told me to stop crying, she was there during the procedure (such a stage mom, LOL) and to fight. She even resorted to telling me that “cancer is just in the books”. By that, I knew that the results were not that good.

 (complex fibroadenoma is a marker for breast cancer)

But let me make it clear, it’s not cancer yet. I need to undergo Fine Needle Aspiration for final confirmation. It’s just that I fell under the BIRAD 3 Category, the probably benign finding. I would have loved to belonged to BIRAD 2 Category – benign finding, because I hate the word probably. :D

I would be lying if I did not say I never became depressed. I was crying for a few days even before the sonommamogram. I kept thinking I am too young to have this. Simple cysts are fine; you can almost say its normal, but to have fibroadenoma my age - sucks.

In one of my horrid imaginations, it was like most women my age are just starting out on their way to womanhood and trying to find their place in the world, enjoying dates, enjoying boys. But here I am, on my way to dying, then I realized, it’s me being m-e-l-o-d-r-a-m-a-t-i-c.

Who cares if I have not openly dated yet, or that I haven’t enjoyed the whole male population with their wondrous, ahem “ducks”

Some things just happen. :D

Looking back, I realized that I have been prepared to take on this challenge. All those little accidents I had when I was younger and all those hardships I went through had made me stronger.

I am proud to say that even with all those things, I have never contemplated suicide. Being in those accidents taught me at an early age that life is too precious to be simply taken away.

Whatever the confirmatory results are, may it be benign or malignant, be it now or in the future, I want to put on paper: that I shall continue to live and fulfill my dreams.

Indeed, your life is your own. Your death, likewise.

I may not be dying today or in the near future, but I certainly want to live life. For now, this is just another challenge on my way to success. With my Creator on my side, and the people I love most, having my own Hospital is just around the corner.

A wonderful day ahead guys! :D

Monday, January 02, 2012

Photo Liking Contest Winners

Before I start announcing the winners for Red Jhelli Shop’s Photo Liking Contest, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who supported the Shop in every way they can.

To my parents for always being a hindrance but later accepted my way of life. My sister for continuously plugging my Shop to people she comes across. My relatives ( Jane, Ate Faye, Hannah) for helping me spread the word that yes, I am selling contact lenses online. My friends (Kwenee, Kessie, Lei, Hans, Stacey) for helping me gain contacts and referring me to your friends.

 To Daniel for the opportunities you presented and of course for taking your time to always help me out. To my “assistant”, for your patience and never quitting when tasked with an impossible job (hihihi <3). 

To my Blogger Friends: Noe Mae, Say Tioco, Eloisa, Linrose, JannaP, April, Patricia, Mechalie, Nadj, Yesha for taking the time and helping the Shop grow with your indispensible comments and suggestions. 

Of course, to my clients for the continuous patronage, YOU are our very reason to be the best at what we do.

Lastly, to BRO =).

Finally, on to the announcement of the Photo Liking Contest!
The contest was open to all bona fide clients of Red Jhelli Shop who submitted their photos together with their Red Loyalty Cards and liked our facebook page. Contest was open from November 28 to December 30, 2011

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize:
Owner of the photo with the most “likes” wins a Mary Kay Pampering Hand Set (hand scrub, softener, and hand cream), Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick and 1 pair of contact lenses of your choice excluding crazy and animation lenses.

2nd Prize:
Owner of the photo with the “most creative” concept wins a Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick, Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara, Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in classic blonde, and a pair of contact lenses of your choice excluding crazy and animation lenses. (2nd winner will be chosen by a panel of judges).

Here are our amazing contestants with their corresponding total votes:

1st contestant: 23 votes

2nd contestant: 91 votes

3rd contestant: 325 votes

4th contestant: 166 votes

5th contestant: 2 votes

And so the moment of truth!

1st Prize goes to our lovely 3rd Contestant!
(judge 1: great picture quality, she can be an endorser for the shop)
(judge 2: well, clearly she has the most number of likes. definitely deserves the 1st prize)

And last but not the least, 2nd Prize goes to…..

(judge 1: the quality of the pictures are not that good, others have too much lens flare, distracts the eyes, others out of focus)
(judge 2: some did not follow instructions)
(me: can’t they all just win? >_< )
(judge 1: no, you have to have standards!)
(me: speechless O_O )

So yes, after a lot of bickering we have come to a conclusion that the 2nd prize would just be divided to the rest of the contestants. After all, the 2nd prize category was supposed to be awarded to the “most creative” photo.

Now on to the partition of the 2nd Prize:

The person with the most likes within the remaining contestants will have the privilege to pick first from the items of 2nd Prize Package, and so forth.

These are the following items the winners can choose from:
*Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick
*Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
*Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Classic Blonde
* 1 Pair of Contact Lenses

Order of choosing:
4th Contestant: 166 votes
2nd Contestant: 91 votes
1st Contestant: 23 votes
5th Contestant: 2 votes

(Note: to the remaining 4 contestants, please contact me ASAP as to what item you wish to have.)
We will be officially awarding the contestants on January 6, 2012.

Hopefully we can agree to a time and place! I am sssooo looking forward to taking pictures for the awarding ceremony!

To all the contestants, thank you very much for joining!

Blurring Reality

"I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves."  ~Anna Quindlen
What a great way to start my blogpost. It’s a total smack down for the kind of childhood I lived and wish my future children to follow.
I don't have bookshelves but I have boxes :D
I have lived with books for as long as I can remember. I eat them for breakfast, especially when I am so eager to finish the story. I sleep with them on rainy nights when I just wish to reminisce a particular scene.

I talk to them when I don’t understand them and best of all, my fondest memories of them are in the bathroom. Yes, I read books when I am using the toilet.

If you happened to be like most kids during my age, I bet Toy Kingdom was a great go to place, or if not, Bibo or any gaming center. But for me and my sister, the only place we won’t ever get lost going to was National Bookstore.

Maybe because books were the only things that could help us escape our “realities” back then. My parents happened to be very strict about a lot of things, from no boyfriends to no going out of the house to play; it was the only thing that colored our lives, aside from each other. 

even the cabinets are not spared!

I used to read the encyclopedia (forgot the title) from cover to cover out of boredom (wonder why I never got around to being a mad scientist?) and did not spare bible stories.

some of those encyclopedias are still around
But fairy tales where my most favorite! My mom bought us all the fairytale stories she could get and we read all of them. And until now, the book I consider as the best among the rest is “Beauty and the Beast”. I’m a hopeless romantic, I know.

But then Tagalog Novels came and soon became my addiction. By 10 years old, I was no longer naive to the words “kissing”, “petting” and “sex”. Blame it to the person who brought the blasted book to the house. It has replaced my fairytale stories and I began to collect them.

Have you heard of Gillian? Arielle? Or Martha Cecilia perhaps? They were my very first teachers to what true love was all about.

i like Christine Feehan

Being exposed to books all my life has developed within me a habit of sorts. I would read the end first before taking the time to read the beginning. If the end was any good, I would try reading the first few starting chapters until such a time when a particular chapter starts to drag. I would skip it and proceed to the succeeding exciting chapter until I finish the book.
So yes, there are only a few books that I have read from cover to cover but those kinds of books, I would never forget.

In a way, reading books matured me and broadened my horizons without having me leave the safety of my home. I have journeyed the Carpathian Mountains a couple of times, been to the heart of dreaming visiting my old friend Morpheus. Talked to Sun Tzu, traveled with Gulliver and had done a lot of things actual reality could not offer. 

I wish a lot of people would come to realize that investing in books are not a waste. No matter how pretty you are, when your brain is empty you will always be a small character in the background, not the lead of the story.

So if you wish to be your very own hero, travel to Europe without paying for a plane ticket, buy a book. Read. 

Your imagination is your only limitation. =)