Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bubble Bea Tea House: Wintermelon Milk Tea

Yet another blog post filled with crappy photos. Hahaha.

Anyway, last June 30 I went to SM Cebu to buy a gift for a friend’s wedding (Mind and Ramon congratulations!) and decided to 'de-stress' myself from all the drama by indulging in things I find decadent.

I.e. bought new books to read (Paulo Coelho’s Like the Flowing River and Martha Cecilia’s Kristine Series 54: The Bodyguards: Tennessee) and fed myself with food I rarely eat.

I have noticed this latest craze in Milk Tea and decided to join the bandwagon. My first ever milk tea was Dimsum Break’s Milk Tea with Pearl Balls, price is okay and the taste is okay. Let us all just say I’m not picky when it comes to a food’s taste as long as it is “not too and so little”. I’m rather concerned with how clean the food is prepared or how processed it is. 

Then I remembered my sister raving about Bubble Bee Tea House, so yeah? Why not right? It would belong to food I rarely eat category.


The store is located at SM Northwing Cebu 2nd Level beside Forever21. One thing I immediately noticed about the store was its interior - well-lighted and exudes that cozy feeling you have at home. I especially liked the low hanging lights but the store is quite small and started to feel stuffy when a lot of customers showed up.

liked the lights

I liked the music though I did not understand a single word! betting it was Korean. :D

There were also murals where you can post your comments about the shop, a lot of customers commented about how slow the service was. I witnessed it firsthand when a customer had to wait 15 minutes to get her order. The comments were not exaggerating!

noticed this trend among shops lately

Product Presentation:

Okay. Its milk tea I’m not expecting it to look like some kind of confection from “Top Chef: Just Desserts”.

I tried Wintermelon Milk Tea, so far so good. I’m not crazy about it but I loved the taste of the pearl tapioca. It went well with the milk tea. I’m trying to imagine what a wintermelon tastes like to no avail, so I’m not sure if I actually tasted it or it was all just the milk?
wintermelon milk tea (size: bumble / price: Php. 90.00)


Okay. I’m not happy with it. I certainly would not shell out Php. 90 – Php. 105 for a milk tea with that size. But considering the fact that the store is inside the mall then I’ll compromise.


They are serving the following:

  • Milk Tea Series (prices: 90 – 105 pesos)

  • Tea Series (prices: 85 – 100 pesos)
     -choice of green tea or black tea (shop says its great with 
      coconut jelly)

  • Slush Series
-dairy (prices: 100 - 115 pesos)
-non-dairy (prices: 95 – 110 pesos)
- fresh fruit (prices: 105 – 120 pesos)

  • Sweet Crepes (prices: 160 – 170 pesos)
  • Taiwanese Shaved Ice Halo-Halo (forgot the price)

*they have a very limited menu so if you are going there, expect to just order the milk tea and the crepe

Will I come again?

Nope. I’d still settle for Dimsum Break’s Milk Tea with Pearl Balls = cheap and okay compared to Bubble Bea Tea House’s Wintermelon = pricey and okay. 

I hope I did a comprehensive account on my experience with Bubble Bee Tea House. Do remember - to each his own! :D


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