Monday, January 02, 2012

Photo Liking Contest Winners

Before I start announcing the winners for Red Jhelli Shop’s Photo Liking Contest, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who supported the Shop in every way they can.

To my parents for always being a hindrance but later accepted my way of life. My sister for continuously plugging my Shop to people she comes across. My relatives ( Jane, Ate Faye, Hannah) for helping me spread the word that yes, I am selling contact lenses online. My friends (Kwenee, Kessie, Lei, Hans, Stacey) for helping me gain contacts and referring me to your friends.

 To Daniel for the opportunities you presented and of course for taking your time to always help me out. To my “assistant”, for your patience and never quitting when tasked with an impossible job (hihihi <3). 

To my Blogger Friends: Noe Mae, Say Tioco, Eloisa, Linrose, JannaP, April, Patricia, Mechalie, Nadj, Yesha for taking the time and helping the Shop grow with your indispensible comments and suggestions. 

Of course, to my clients for the continuous patronage, YOU are our very reason to be the best at what we do.

Lastly, to BRO =).

Finally, on to the announcement of the Photo Liking Contest!
The contest was open to all bona fide clients of Red Jhelli Shop who submitted their photos together with their Red Loyalty Cards and liked our facebook page. Contest was open from November 28 to December 30, 2011

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize:
Owner of the photo with the most “likes” wins a Mary Kay Pampering Hand Set (hand scrub, softener, and hand cream), Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick and 1 pair of contact lenses of your choice excluding crazy and animation lenses.

2nd Prize:
Owner of the photo with the “most creative” concept wins a Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick, Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara, Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in classic blonde, and a pair of contact lenses of your choice excluding crazy and animation lenses. (2nd winner will be chosen by a panel of judges).

Here are our amazing contestants with their corresponding total votes:

1st contestant: 23 votes

2nd contestant: 91 votes

3rd contestant: 325 votes

4th contestant: 166 votes

5th contestant: 2 votes

And so the moment of truth!

1st Prize goes to our lovely 3rd Contestant!
(judge 1: great picture quality, she can be an endorser for the shop)
(judge 2: well, clearly she has the most number of likes. definitely deserves the 1st prize)

And last but not the least, 2nd Prize goes to…..

(judge 1: the quality of the pictures are not that good, others have too much lens flare, distracts the eyes, others out of focus)
(judge 2: some did not follow instructions)
(me: can’t they all just win? >_< )
(judge 1: no, you have to have standards!)
(me: speechless O_O )

So yes, after a lot of bickering we have come to a conclusion that the 2nd prize would just be divided to the rest of the contestants. After all, the 2nd prize category was supposed to be awarded to the “most creative” photo.

Now on to the partition of the 2nd Prize:

The person with the most likes within the remaining contestants will have the privilege to pick first from the items of 2nd Prize Package, and so forth.

These are the following items the winners can choose from:
*Mary Kay Red Salsa Lipstick
*Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
*Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Classic Blonde
* 1 Pair of Contact Lenses

Order of choosing:
4th Contestant: 166 votes
2nd Contestant: 91 votes
1st Contestant: 23 votes
5th Contestant: 2 votes

(Note: to the remaining 4 contestants, please contact me ASAP as to what item you wish to have.)
We will be officially awarding the contestants on January 6, 2012.

Hopefully we can agree to a time and place! I am sssooo looking forward to taking pictures for the awarding ceremony!

To all the contestants, thank you very much for joining!


  1. Congrats sa winner! Photo number 3 is pretty same with number 4. :) Pwdng endorser ng RJS :D