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Review: Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss and Estee Lauder

Before I start with my review, I would to apologize for the crappy photos. I do not have the slightest idea about how bloggers have problems with the lighting or the angle, all I know is I just took these photos and that’s it!

Quite ironic coming from someone who used to be the President of the Arts and Photography Club. Ooppss…

I always had a problem with lipsticks and lip gloss. I have very dry lips and I can name a few of the most famous brands that only ends up drying my lips more (i.e. Max Factor, Revlon, Ever Bilena, Maybelline, Nichido, In2it, Etude). It’s the same with lip gloss, the color doesn’t show AND it ends up making me look like I just ate something oily.

Thus, I always end up buying a lot of lipsticks and lip gloss that I rarely use. A total waste of money. Sigh. >_<

So I was really happy when Mary Kay released their new lip products! I had their Nourishine Lip Gloss before in Melon Sorbet and for the first time in a LONG time I finally found a lip gloss I could use everyday (it’s almost empty now, surprisingly!).

Hearing this news, I quickly ordered one for myself and one for my mom! Hell, if they deliver the same benefits as my previous lip gloss from them then I’m definitely purchasing one!

As usual, I was not disappointed with the results and understood right away why the word PLUS was added to the name of the product. It certainly was more than I bargained for! Like PLUS-PLUS-PLUS!

Actual Photos of Products

To further prove my point, here is a comparison between the Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss and Estee Lauder.



I love how the color shows!

Perfect barely there ^_^

-instant boost of moisture to lips after applying
-good for your lips ingredients: pomegranate sterol and aloe tea extract
-can last you for a few hours without constant touch-ups
-mild scent
-texture is thick but not greasy and does not feel heavy on the lips
-very pigmented! color really shows unlike other lip glosses (great on my part since I have very pigmented lips)
-a lot of shades to choose from
-comes with an applicator, easy to apply unlike glosses in tubes
-the most important observation: lips still felt moisturized even after a few hours

-you need to contact a Beauty Consultant to purchase one
-the price, some would rather buy a cheaper lip gloss than invest in one (but I don’t mind! ^_^)

Since finding a lip gloss that I can stick too has always been an exodus to me, I really don’t mind investing in a GOOD one. I certainly love the color, the moisture and the shine it provides unlike other lip glosses that only delivers the shine but not the color while others deliver the color but not the shine. So I’m very happy that I can have both in one product. Plus, looking at my glossed out lips reminds me of Angie’s famous puckers. LOL.

Do I recommend it?
-Hell yeah!!


Shine and Glitter

-you can find it in Rustans or in any malls
-lips feel moisturized
-can last you for hours without constant touch ups
-applicator makes it easier to apply
-does not feel heavy on the lips

-the color does not show (delivers the shine but not the color)
-makes me look like I just ate something oily
-the scent! ( I do not know about you guys, but I have always noticed this with Estee Lauder’s lip glosses -that distinctive smell which does not sit well with me.)
-the price

This is a classic example of a lip gloss delivering the shine but not the color. If I must say, I could have just eaten Lechon to deliver that shine (nabusog pa ako!). ^_^
Do I recommend it?
-yup! If you are brand conscious and not quality conscious, why not? :D

That ends my review!


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